class Spinner(**properties: Any)

Superclasses: Widget, InitiallyUnowned, Object

Implemented Interfaces: Accessible, Buildable, ConstraintTarget

A GtkSpinner widget displays an icon-size spinning animation.

It is often used as an alternative to a ProgressBar for displaying indefinite activity, instead of actual progress.


To start the animation, use start, to stop it use stop.

CSS nodes

GtkSpinner has a single CSS node with the name spinner. When the animation is active, the :checked pseudoclass is added to this node.


class Spinner
classmethod new() Widget

Returns a new spinner widget. Not yet started.


class Spinner
get_spinning() bool

Returns whether the spinner is spinning.

set_spinning(spinning: bool) None

Sets the activity of the spinner.


spinning – whether the spinner should be spinning

start() None

Starts the animation of the spinner.

stop() None

Stops the animation of the spinner.


class Spinner
props.spinning: bool

Whether the spinner is spinning